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From: Todd Weiler
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Re: Message from UtahSenate.org Comment Form
Date: 2014-02-17T20:41:25Z
I'll take a hard look at them if they reach the Senate. 

Todd Weiler

On Feb 17, 2014, at 3:19 AM, "Jeanetta Williams" <jdwnaacp@att.net> wrote:

Todd Weiler

Thanks for letting me know that you received my email and request. Are you familiar with any of these Bills. Would you commit to opposing HB 212 and support HB 46 and HB 47?

Jeanetta Williams
NAACP Salt Lake Branch & Tri-State Conference of Idaho, Nevada and Utah

"Many are attracted to social service - the rewards are immediate, the ratification quick. But if we have social justice, we won't need social service." - Julian Bond, Former Chairman, NAACP Board of Directors

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Thanks, Jeanetta. I appreciate you contacting me and sharing your views. 

Todd Weiler

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Subject: Message from UtahSenate.org Comment Form

From: Jeanetta Williams
Address: P.O. Box 25414
City/State/Zip: Salt Lake City, UT 84125-0414
Email: jdwnaacp@att.net

The NAACP needs your help and all that you can get help from to defeat HB 212 on DNA Collections. Our National attorneys and our local Branch Members see this bill as a way to target and discriminate against minorities, particularly, African Americans and Hispanics disproportionately.

In addition, please help the NAACP and support HB’s 46 and HB 47 sponsored by Rep. L. Wiley, Deferred Deposits Lending and Forum Requirements and Deferred Deposit Loan Amendment.