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From: Todd Weiler
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Re: Fw:
Date: 2014-02-07T18:49:05Z
By statute, Utah only allows the 45% reduction on residential real estate
for the primary residence. Not a second residence. You may want to talk with your tax professional about making the property into a rental property and charging renters -- including your son. If you do so, you can re-petition with the fact that the house is the "primary residence of the renters" who reside there. I've been told that argument has been successful before. Good luck. Todd Weiler 801-599-9823 > On Feb 6, 2014, at 12:06 PM, "bishpoul@juno.com" wrote: > > > Dear Todd, > > > I need your help. I have a son who is going to Dixie College and we bought a house from H.U.D. a couple of years ago in St. George so he would have a place to live. Taxes were promised to be cheap and we thought we would be able to clear it. H.U.D. and the Real Estate agent > promised a low property tax and we thought we were set. I did not see this coming. Tax notice came and It was double what was promised. > Every home in Washington county that is sold automatically > gets a Non ­primary status which lets them double the tax. It has taken me three years to try to resolve this. It is not over yet. I talked to the county commissioner about this and he says it > was up to the buyer to find out about this. Kind of like Buyer Beware and and you are stuck with the double tax. > 25 % of the homes are non-primary and every home sold is non-primary. They don¹t tell you this and I think it is deception of the first order. I believe millions of dollars are made > for Washington county behind this sham. It took me three years to get my questions answered and they are still giving me the run around. They blame it on the legislature passing a law > back in the 1980¹s about primary and non-primary homes. They have exploited this into a racket of the darkest dye with keeping the public uninformed and with what I believe real intent to deceive. > Washington County is the only county that does this with non- primary police and home searches with a list of rules that states your guilty until proven innocent. Three years of double taxes until > you prove yourself innocent. I just think of the millions of dollars collected on this sham. What happened to public servants and honesty. > > Dennis Poulsen > former member Provo City Council