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From: Todd Weiler
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Re: Livable Communities
Date: 2014-02-05T22:58:53Z
Thanks, Paulette. I appreciate you contacting me and sharing your views. What is the typical cost for such a conversion? 

Todd Weiler

On Feb 5, 2014, at 3:02 PM, "pauletteot@aol.com" <pauletteot@aol.com> wrote:

Dear Mr. Weiler,

Thank you for your work for Utah citizens. 
We have significant issues in Utah and you are in a unique position to make a  difference in the long term quality of life for Utah's children and grandchildren.   
"The modern America of obesity, inactivity, depression and loss of community has not "happened" to us, rather we legislated, subsidized and planned it." -Making Places Healthy

In Utah, we have obesity, suicide/depression and and horrible air pollution attributed in part, to vehicle emissions.  See pages 13 and 134 for information on roundabouts in "Inspiration to Action" and know that converting 4-way intersections to roundabouts can reduce air pollution by 37-57% at each intersection. 

The built environment, and especially streets, can affect health and wellbeing
by encouraging or discouraging physical activity. Unfortunately, over
time we have designed our communities to give preference to motor vehicles
and to make physically active transportation difficult and in some places
impossible. Hopping on a bike or walking just isn¹t feasible or safe.
Over-reliance on automobiles has created too many unhealthy places and
unhealthy people. In many communities, residents are forced to drive to
meet their daily needs because critical services and destinations ­ home,
school, work, medical care and shopping ­ are too far apart to access on
foot. Or there are no sidewalks, trails or bike lanes connecting them.
The negative effects are real. The country¹s under-investment in sidewalks
and other facilities for active transportation‹it makes up only one percent
of federal transportation spending‹is reflected in our declining health."   

Please consider reading the documents referenced below (at least the first).  Converting our 4-way intersections to roundabouts can reduce air pollution but legislation, subsidizing and planning for livable communities can change the future quality of life for all citizens in Utah.


Kind regards,  

Paulette Welch, OTD, MAED, OTR/L, DRS, FAOTA
801 554 0814 Mobile