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From: Edward Smith
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Fwd: AOPC Sponsored Senate Bill SB153 Gp [10]
Date: 2014-02-03T22:29:40Z
Attachments: Senate_Business_and_Labor_Committee-2014.doc , Body:




Subject AOPC Sponsored Senate Bill SB153 Gp (10)

Good afternoon,
A very important bill concerning a benefit for homeowner associations has been written and numbered.  It is
SB 153 - Association Foreclosure Amendments.   This bill comes before the Senate Business and Labor Standing
Committee this coming Tuesday, Feb. 4th.   This bill, if passed, will require lending institutions to provide
9 months of assessments to be paid to the HOA in which the foreclosed unit belongs.  It is not quite that simple
but the HOA lien for past due assessments will take priority over 1st and 2nd mortgages if we can get this bill passed.  You may read the bill by going to the Utah State Legislature website, find and read the bill.
I have attached the names of the members of the Senate Business and Labor Standing Committee who
will be discussing this bill and voting on it next week.   I ask that all of you, at least, send an email expressing
your support of this bill and the importance of it as it would partially  remove a very serious and unfair financial burden on homeowner associations which we now must carry.   We ask that the committee members please
vote this bill out of committee favorably.
Believe me your contacting these members does have an effect!
Jerry Campbell
President, AOPC
P.S.   Once again Senator Urquhart has come forward
to sponsor a bill on behalf of homeowner associations