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From: Larry Stone
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Paternity
Date: 2014-01-01T18:43:11Z

Dear Mr. Weiler,


I am sorry to hear your stance on the paternity laws in Utah. It is a shame politicians do not have the facts when it comes to the deception, deceit, and outright lies women say and do in regards to fathers because the laws are bias toward the male in any divorce, paternity, or parenting legal process. I know it is no different there than it is in Missouri but I am going to be working to change the laws here in this state. Based on my research and others between 30 and 33% of the children born in this country are not the biological child of the man implicated to be their father. In addition, women are allowed to lie and name any man as the father and when it is determined she lied, on an affidavit, nothing is done to her and in many cases the man is still held accountable for the child. I am going to push that the laws be changed to be fair to both the father and the child because no matter what ignorant judges and family services think, a child needs their father as much as their mother and laws should be in place to give the child what is best for them.


I have experienced paternity fraud and find it deplorable how our judicial system handles and favors the women in these type of situations. Fortunately, since 2009 in Missouri through DNA testing if a man is determined not to be the biological father of a child he is not held responsible for the child. I am not legally responsible for the child but he is still my son and is provided with everything I should give him, not his mother. I still see the child because he is 14 and wants to see me. Of course, the damage of finding out and how it has altered my life, the child’s life, and grandparents lives, should have never occurred. One law would prevent this from happening in the future and hold women more accountable for their actions. If, by law, any time a baby is born and a father is named, whether married or not, a DNA test is done it would prevent much hurt and pain caused too many lives and more importantly the child if the woman is not totally honest. I do hope you research in depth the laws regarding parenting, paternity, and fatherhood in your state, which many more need to do.




Larry Stone