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From: David Joiner
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: 130 million dollar lawsuit
Date: 2014-01-01T17:53:28Z

Mr. Weiler,


It saddened me to see your response to the case on KSL news http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=28191411#Hz5zTvIlrvbTZZ5d.01 .


My son Garrett Joiner is currently involved in a similar case in California.  Please be aware that my son has done everything counsel has instructed him to complete, submit and file.  However in his case although the court issued an order for a paternity test, the baby was born without his knowledge, and taken or given to who knows what without the paternity test being done.  They simply have ignored the court order which did not include any specific instruction on how or when the paternity test would need to be complied with.  They are attempting to use this loophole, we presume,  to give the baby to the PAP’s and hope a Judge will let them keep our grandson on grounds that it would be in the babies best interest. 


Despite the fact that Garrett went to the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Tuscaloosa when he and his girlfriend discovered she was pregnant and she acknowledged him as the father.  He has been sending her money, filing a for paternity, filing for an emergency injunction before the baby was born, and numerous other steps.  His attorney cannot even get a returned phone call from the birth mothers lawyer or the court for that matter.  Social services will not even talk with him because his paternity has not been proven.  He cannot get access to the adoption petition, nothing.  All any of us can hope for in life is justice and fair play.


In my sons case if this is not a conspiracy I don’t know what is.  Please investigate this matter further and consider these facts I have mentioned.  This cruelty is going on nationwide and It may be your child or grandchild in one of these unfortunate situations one day.  I know you would be just as shocked at the failure of the legal system as we have been and would want them to have a fair opportunity.





David Joiner