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From: bdabbled2010 .
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Fireworks vs. Home heating
Date: 2014-01-01T04:17:01Z
Fireworks are all around right now during a mandatory no burn day according tothe Utah Air Quality website. I find it curious that things you can tax are okay to light up the night sky, but if someone wants to burn wood to heat their home, there's an issue. I recently read that Utah will have vehicles driving around to enforce the no burn policy. I think it is a waist of MY tax money to have someone alone riding around burning fossil fuels to make sure I can't keep my family warm for less cost than burning natural gas. I feel that as long as YOU can make tax money off of whatever is being burned, you are okay with it, but if I go out and work for the wood to reduce my family's cost to heat our house, that is taken for granted. This has got to stop. I cannot believe you will allow fireworks to be burned, but not allow someone to save money burning wood in their fireplace.
Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.
-Brittany Dabb