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From: Carol Lindsay
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Date: 2013-12-31T23:03:09Z

I am embarrassed; nay I am horrified by the politics/politicians of the state of Utah. First we have the Swallow/Shurtleff fiasco. A fiasco that cost the state millions of dollars. Millions of dollars because Swallow is an unethical, lying piece of crap and the good ole Republican boys of our state rallied around him in support. Now the good ole boys have replaced a crooked attorney general who SHOULD have been impeached with their newest lackey. A lackey we the tax payers were not given the opportunity to vote for. Now this lackey is planning to spend the tax payer’s money fighting gay marriage. I have an idea for all you good ole boys. Why don’t you try to repeal women’s right to vote? Why don’t you pass an archaic law repealing interracial marriages? Heck, why don’t we just go back to pre-civil war days and bring back slavery? Ridiculous you say? I find those ideas no more ridiculous than saying gay marriage is an affront to Utah values. The affront to Utah values is Utah politicians.