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From: Richard Stewart
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Father's rights laws
Date: 2013-12-31T22:33:00Z
Dear Mr. Weiler,
You had been quoted recently in an article concerning Jake Stricklands's son being adopted out from under him with no knowledge of it happening until it was too late. 
Your quote reads "... one or two bad examples out of 10,000" which indicates to me that you are admitting this is a bad example of what can happen with the laws the way they are.
So, my question to you is, in light of your admission, are you going to help him resolve his case?
Can you tell me why a father of a child in your state has to submit records such as financial responsibility and a child care plan to gain custody/adoption of his own child and a mother can just give birth and not have to follow the same set of rules in providing such information?  Sounds a little discriminatory from my point of view.
By the way, the article also mentioned a man from Colorado going through the same thing after the mother of his child fled to Utah.  Under Alaska law, it wouldn't matter where she lives, the custody or adoption ruling is according to the state the child was born in.
It's called checks and balances. Utah favors mother's rights over the father's rights.  It's discriminatory and is a slap in the face of those fathers that are good upstanding citizens that do want the best for their child. 
Adoption should have never been a part of this case because there was a father.  If the mother lied about the whole situation to authorities, then she should also be prosecuted as an accessory to child trafficking which is exactly what happened.
The LDS Family Services should have been much more vigilant as to this and every situation. But if they did knowingly pass this child on to adoption without contacting the father, then they should be prosecuted along with the mother.  In addition, if she was still married at the time and the husband knew all this, there is another person that should face the judge too.
Thank you for your time and I hope you have a change of heart and help resolve this matter for the father.
Richard Stewart
Anchorage, Alaska