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From: tyler.andersen87@gmail.com
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Support Wine Direct Shipping
Date: 2013-12-31T06:11:11Z
Tyler Andersen
5934 Allores Court Herriman, UT 84096-4875 December 31, 2013 The Honorable Todd Weiler Utah Senate 320 State Capitol, PO Box 145115 Salt Lake City, UT 84114 Dear Senator Weiler: As an adult voter and wine lover, I urge you to support my ability to purchase the wines I want, in the manner of my choosing. Whether purchased by telephone, newsletter or Internet, I believe that consumers, not wholesaler middlemen, should decide which wines we can enjoy. Interstate wine direct shipments also encourage fair and open trade under the Interstate Commerce Clause. The wine wholesaler cartel misleads legislators by making unfounded, hypothetical claims that direct shipping increases underage access. Without credible evidence, the wholesalers' motivation is purely to strengthen their state-sanctioned monopolies in wine wholesaling. The U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Trade Commission, in addition to sworn testimony by state alcohol regulators, have all debunked this red herring. Despite widespread support for direct shipping, voters in nine states are still prohibited by state law from ordering and receiving wines directly from out-of-state wineries. Additionally, only a dozen or so states allow shipments to consumers from out-of-state retailers. The wine industry's model direct shipping bill allows for limited, regulated direct-to-consumer shipments, and has been implemented successfully in the majority of states. The law satisfies consumer demand, provides an additional source of tax revenue, and provides the regulations necessary for a socially sensitive product like wine. Please let me know where you stand on this important consumer rights issue. Sincerely, Tyler Andersen 8015604021