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From: Tom&Jane
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Utah Vehicle Inspection Process
Date: 2013-12-30T16:28:54Z
Dear Senator,

We need to dismantle the Utah Vehicle Safety Inspection requirement.  There are only 19 states left in the US that still require inspections.  The inspections are not required, they are a burden on vehicle owners, there's the time involved to get the inspections done, and the trips to the Utah DMV.  Licensing of vehicles could be done on the internet as there would be little reason to personally go to the DMV other than for the first time of licensing vehicles etc..  This would also free up Utah DMV resources and allow associated funds to be used on other State requirements.  Some States have saved millions of dollars by dropping the inspection requirement.

There are automobile experts across the country that say more reliable cars and other safety improvements have rendered the inspections obsolete.  The District of Columbia recently disbanded its inspection program because of high costs and a lack of evidence that the inspections saved lives.  Let's look into how much time, resources, and money is involved by Utah State government to run this unneeded special interest inspection process??

Regular safety inspections may have made sense decades ago, today's cars are far more reliable, efficient and eco-friendly. There are also the headaches from dealing with the process, some inspectors are Good to very good but there are some that are not so good and we as vehicle owners still have to deal with them. Let's put an end to the Utah Vehicle Inspection process, to end the cost and headaches for the good people of Utah.  These inspections can also be seen as a Utah State government intervention into peoples lives that is truly not required, we can change this.

The end to Utah vehicle inspections has been tried before but the safety inspection lobbyists killed the bill / watered it down to almost nothing.  Let's hope this Legislature has more power than these self interest lobbyist in Utah, the people's wishes should not be allowed to be railroaded by these special interest groups that have their own agenda (intervention into peoples lives) which is not the wishes of the people of Utah.  Our tax dollars can be spent on things that truly need the States attention.  Utah has made changes in the past Tax structure etc. to help the State and the State economy, let's add the end of Vehicle inspections to that list.

31 states do not require vehicle safety inspections, Utah can make it 32.

One person can make a difference.

Thanks for your time.

Tom Foster
137 E, 1125 N
Hurricane UT 84737