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From: Tom&Jane
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Utah Taxes
Date: 2013-12-29T17:26:48Z

Dear Utah Senator,

We are writing about Utah's Taxes.

We want to discuss what an unfriendly State Utah is when it comes to Taxes.  We have lived in Oklahoma and South Dakota.  South Dakota does not have a State Income Tax, Oklahoma does not Tax Retirement Incomes,.  As retirees we pay $5000 in Utah State Taxes, which is a burden we did not have in other states we lived in?  The people of Utah are Taxed too much.

Other States have a fee for Vehicle License, no tax, their vehicle license fees are again much lower than Utah (no Tax).  We have an older motor home, it cost $82.00 to license it in Oklahoma, about the same in South Dakota and $520.00 in Tax/Fees to license it in Utah?  Why so much?

If you Google "State-by-State Guide to Taxes on Retirees", Utah is listed as "Not Tax-Friendly"?  Every State that borders Utah is more Tax Friendly than the State of Utah, Why?

Most states do not Tax Social Security, people work most of their lives, pay Taxes all their working lives then Utah still needs to Tax their Social Security?  That just seems wrong?   There are a number of States that  are Tax friendly to Retires and do not tax retirement income as it stands today Utah is not one of them.   28 States do not Tax Social Security, why should Utah?

We are sure Utah residence would like to see the Utah Legislature work on these items:

1.  Stop Taxing Social Security income.

2.  Stop Taxing Retire Income.

3.  Stop Taxing peoples vehicles, come up with a reasonable License Fee.

The Good people of Utah are over Taxed, we need to find ways to lower Utah taxes.

One Person can make a difference.

Thanks for your time.

Tom Foster
137 E 1125 N

Hurricane UT 84737