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From: george chapman
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Utah Legislature needs to act to protect Amendment 3
Date: 2013-12-21T00:10:40Z
The recent opinion that said Utah’s Constitutional Amendment 3 is
unconstitutional can be countered with a Legislative fix that recognizes civil unions and gay marriages from other States as civil unions, but keeps in place Utah’s decision that marriage is between a man and a woman. That provides the equal rights and sharing in financial benefits for those undertaking this path. But it preserves Utah’s right to decide the requirements for marriage and doesn’t require Utah to “bless” gay civil unions as marriage. Utah’s Legislature needs to act fast to stop this wasteful fight that will just create hate and discontent for decades. Legislative recognition of other States’ gay marriages and civil unions as civil unions in Utah will protect our definition of marriage and stop this fight. Marriage between a man and a woman is one of society's oldest, most solemn and deepest held beliefs. Many also believe that it is wrong for a small segment of society to redefine such an old and respected institution George Chapman 1186 S. 1100 E. Salt Lake City, Utah 801 867 7071