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From: Stephanie Ivie
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: proposed gas tax increase :(
Date: 2013-12-20T00:31:31Z
Representative Barrus, Senator Weiler, and Senator Adams,

I understand that you received a letter from Mayor Ron Russell in support of the proposed gas tax increase. This proposal is disturbing to me, because the hardships stemming from this "fair" tax are staggering.

I live in a section of Centerville with many retired citizens. They pride themselves on living frugally, and making do despite the economic ups and downs. I would hate to see a gas tax increase, since it would make it more difficult for them to afford the dignity of driving themselves around. A higher gas tax would also impact the cost of food for these individuals. Since taxes rarely go back down after being raised, this attempt to fund road work could easily result in a big increase of permanently welfare-dependent households. The net result would not be positive for my city, county or state.

Please stand strong against this increase!
Thank you,

Stephanie Ivie
Centerville City Councilmember-elect