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From: Tyler Yeates
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: West Davis Corridor
Date: 2013-08-31T22:40:23Z

Senator Weiler,

I am writing as a concerned citizen, father, and local physician.  Our air pollution is already among the worst in the nation.  People living within 2 miles of a freeway live in a zone of increased air pollution. Those within 165 feet are exposed to 25 to 30 times more fine particulate matter than other people, and studies show this increases heart and lung disease, strokes, mortality rates, affects
pregnancy outcomes, leads to cancer and autism etc. Freeways are cancer and autism corridors. This is reason enough to not produce any more freeways.  The safer, wiser, and economical choice is to expand public transportation.  Thank you.

Tyler Yeates, MD

Bountiful, Utah