From: Danica Baird
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Margaret Plane
Date: 2020-12-04T19:52:03Z
Senator Weiler,

As a member of the Utah Bar, I would like to note my displeasure over what I've read about how the Utah State Senate Judiciary Confirmation Committee has handled the process with respect to Margaret Plane. 

Your response in the following article is not satisfactory: 

I do not want to assume ill intent, but that is what we are left with after reading this article. The fact that all four individuals who have been denied a vote are women--is a fact I would like a response to as well. 

Also, I would like assurance that she is not being denied based on feelings she will "be too liberal" since the Utah constitution prohibits you from selecting judges based on any partisan political consideration.

I would like to be informed as to why an exceptionally well qualified woman is being denied the chance to be voted on and why the committee appears to be engaged in partisan politics in violation of the Utah constitution. If there are concerns about her qualifications, I would love to hear it because as a member of the bar it apears that Margaret Plane is qualified.

Again, I do not wish to assume ill intent, but that is all you have left us with. 

Danica Baird
Utah Bar # 17161
4328 W. Burwell Lane
Herriman, UT