From: Ferguson, Boyd
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Margaret Plane judicial nomination
Date: 2020-12-04T16:34:51Z

Dear Senator Weiler,


I just read the Salt Lake Tribune article about the status of Margaret Plane’s nomination to the Court of Appeals. I strongly encourage you to do what you can to schedule a Senate hearing for Margaret. Here is why.


I have worked in the Salt Lake City Attorney’s Office since 1996, so I worked very closely with Margaret during her entire tenure in that office. I am also a conservative Republican (and member of the Federalist Society) who shares the originalist and textualist philosophy of interpretation of constitutions and statutes.


I first met Margaret while representing Salt Lake City on the Main Street Plaza case. Margaret was one of the opposing ACLU attorneys representing the plaintiffs. While I found Margaret pleasant and professional, when she joined the City Attorney’s Office I was curious to learn more about her legal philosophy and temperament.


In all of the years I worked with Margaret I found her to be very moderate and fair-minded, and respectful of the law as written. I whole-heartedly support her nomination to the Court of Appeals and I am sure she would be a great judge.


Thank you for your consideration.


Boyd A. Ferguson

Senior City Attorney

Salt Lake  City Attorney’s Office