From: Charlotte L Miller
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Margaret Plane -- Hearing
Date: 2020-12-03T23:21:27Z

Dear Senator Weiler, 

In 1998 Governor Leavitt appointed me to the Judicial Nominating Commission.  It was a challenging job to review pages and binders of documents, interview multiple applicants, and choose the names to go to the Governor.  As a group, we were always determined that any name we sent was qualified to serve as a judge.  We each had our preferences but recognized that it was the Governor’s role to choose.  Then, it is the Senate’s role to confirm the Governor’s selection.  All the parts of the process are important. I value the role of the Commission, the Governor and the Senate.

I request that you include Margaret Plane in the Senate Judicial Confirmation Committee meeting scheduled for December 17, 2020. I respect that the Committee and the Senate will vote how they choose regarding Ms. Plane. The importance of holding a public meeting and providing transparency cannot be overstated.  Without the hearing, people often assume intentions or actions that are not accurate and that is not good for the public confidence in the systems that we work hard to support.

As to Ms. Plane, I believe she is extremely qualified to be a judge and the Committee and Senate would never regret her appointment. I have observed her provide complex legal analysis of matters in difficult situations, in an intelligent, thoughtful and effective manner. You have much material about her, and I encourage you to review it thoughtfully.  I have had the opportunity to work with many lawyers in Utah and across the country as I served as general counsel for corporations like JB’s Restaurants and Iomega in Utah.  My opinion about Ms. Plane is based on that breadth of experience. We are fortunate she is willing to serve in our judiciary.

Ms. Plane is very smart, but more importantly she has good judgment, common sense and an excellent work ethic.   She respects the branches of government, the law and our Constitution.  While she was the Salt Lake City Attorney, she mentored a group of lawyers in a manner that improved the quality of representation of Salt Lake City.  She could provide that mentoring, because she is an excellent lawyer.

Please add Ms. Plane to the December 17 Agenda, or schedule a different day for her to meet with the Committee. Regardless of the outcome, conducting a hearing is appropriate and helps build confidence in our government.

Thank you for your service to Utah. 

Very truly yours,

Charlotte L. Miller

801 712 4414

Charlotte Miller
801 712 4414