From: Jerry Howe
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: FW: Public Comment re: Margaret Plane Nomination to Utah Court of Appeals
Date: 2020-12-03T01:10:41Z



From: Jonathan Pappasideris <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 2, 2020 4:47 PM
To: Jerry Howe <>
Subject: Public Comment re: Margaret Plane Nomination to Utah Court of Appeals


I write in strong support of the nomination of Margaret Plane to a seat on the Utah Court of Appeals.


To begin, Ms. Plane’s ability to apply legal principles to specific factual situations/circumstances is excellent. She quickly grasps concepts and, if she is unfamiliar with a subject area, devotes the time to gain the requisite level of understanding. Ms. Plane is also scrupulous about carefully examining factual scenarios to ensure that decisions are legally sound and in accord with controlling authority (whether statutes/ordinances or case law precedent).


In addition, Ms. Plane’s interpersonal skills are among her greatest strengths. She has an uncanny ability to build solid working relationships with people of diverse perspectives/backgrounds and inspires a degree of respect, affection, admiration, and loyalty seldom seen in my professional career. She also relates very well to people on a personal level, displays compassion and empathy, and fosters a team-oriented, collaborative, and enjoyable work environment.


Like her interpersonal skills, Ms. Plane’s temperament/demeanor is one of her strongest attributes. Her ability to remain calm and collected (even when dealing with extremely difficult personalities and/or confronted by challenging situations) is unique. Her diplomacy/tact is unparalleled and she excels at providing information/advice that people need to (but may not always want to) hear in a clear, respectful, direct, and professional manner.


Similarly, Ms. Plane’s integrity is unimpeachable. Even when confronted with extremely challenging situations and subjected to significant pressure (including on occasion from elected officials), she demonstrates an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing for the right reasons. Ms. Plane is an individual of high integrity and trustworthiness and cares deeply about “getting it right” (even if doing so might be unpopular).


In short, Ms. Plane’s razor-sharp intellect, sound legal judgment, unimpeachable integrity, unique ability to relate to all types of individuals on both a professional and personal level, and calm demeanor are the qualities I believe are most important in an appellate jurist. I know that, if fortunate enough to be confirmed by the Utah Senate, she will serve with distinction on the Utah Court of Appeals and meaningfully contribute to the administration of justice in Utah. The people of Utah would greatly benefit from her presence on the Court and I strongly support her confirmation.




Jonathan Pappasideris

1638 Kensington Avenue

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