From: Jerry Howe
To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: FW: Comment re: Margaret Plane
Date: 2020-12-02T18:10:51Z



From: Leigh Veillette <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 2, 2020 5:48 AM
To: Jerry Howe <>
Subject: Comment re: Margaret Plane


Good morning,


My name is Leigh Veillette and I am emailing you today in support of the nomination and confirmation of Margaret Plane to the Utah Court of Appeals. Ms. Plane was my mentor as a part of a Utah State Bar program for new lawyers and, to me, represents the type of lawyer we all strive to be. Ms. Plane not only is extremely accomplished professionally, but she took the time to offer a robust mentorship experience for me and other young lawyers. If confirmed, I believe Ms. Plane would bring that same spirit of service to the bench. Thank you.



Leigh Veillette


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