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First Substitute S.B. 176

Senator John P. Holmgren proposes to substitute the following bill:




Sponsor: John P. Holmgren

             7      A REPEAL DATE.
             8      This act enacts uncodified material.
             9      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             10          Section 1. Interim committee study -- Highway transfers and funding.
             11          (1) The Transportation Interim Committee shall review, make recommendations, report,
             12      and propose legislation on the following issues during the 1998 interim:
             13          (a) the appropriate allocation of highways between state and local jurisdictions;
             14          (b) the appropriate distribution of funding resources between state and local jurisdictions
             15      for any changes in highway jurisdiction; and
             16          (c) other related issues of interest to the committee.
             17          (2) The Transportation Interim Committee shall recommend and propose legislation
             18      creating a new state highway system, based on its modifications, if any, to the following list of
             19      proposed state highways:
             20          (a) SR-6. From the Utah-Nevada state line easterly through Delta and Tintic Junction to
             21      the northbound ramps of the North Santaquin Interchange of I-15; then beginning again at I-15 at
             22      the Moark Connection Interchange in Spanish Fork easterly through Spanish Fork Canyon and
             23      Price to I-70 west of Green River.
             24          (b) SR-9. From I-15 at Harrisburg Junction easterly to the Zion National Park south
             25      boundary; then beginning again at the Zion National Park east boundary to Route 89 at Mt.

             1      Carmel Junction.
             2          (c) SR-12. From Route 89 at Bryce Canyon Junction easterly to Route 63 near Bryce
             3      Canyon.
             4          (d) SR-15 also known as Interstate 15 or I-15. From the Utah-Arizona state line north to
             5      the Utah-Idaho state line.
             6           h [ (e) SR-26. From I-15 in Roy on Riverdale road easterly to Route 89 in Ogden. ] h
             7           h [ (f) ] (e) h SR-28. From Route 89 in Gunnison northerly through Levan to the southbound on-
             8      and off-ramps of I-15 at the South Nephi Interchange.
             9           h [ (g) ] (f) h SR-36. From the junction of Route 112 in Tooele north to I-80 at the
             10      Tooele-Grantsville Interchange.
             11           h [ (h) SR-39. From I-15 easterly on Twelfth Street in Ogden to Route 203. ] h
             12           h [ (i) ] (g) h SR-40. From I-80 at Silver Creek Junction southerly through Heber City then
             12a      easterly
             13      through Vernal and Jensen to the Utah-Colorado state line.
             14           h [ (j) ] (h) h SR-50. From Route 6 in Delta southeasterly to Holden, then northerly to I-15; then
             15      beginning again at I-15 near Scipio, then easterly to Main Street in Scipio, then south on Main
             16      Street to Center Street in Scipio, then southeasterly to the junction with Route 89 in Salina.
             17           h [ (k) SR-52. From I-15 easterly on 800 North in Orem to Route 189 at the mouth of Provo
             18      Canyon.
] h

             19           h [ (l) ] (i) h SR-70 also known as Interstate 70 or I-70. From I-15 near Cove Fort east to the
             20      Utah-Colorado state line.
             21           h [ (m) SR-71. From Route 209 at 9000 South in Sandy northerly on 700 East and 900 East
             22      to Route 186 at 700 East and 400 South in Salt Lake City.
             23          (n) SR-73. From the I-15 northbound structure over Route 73 to Junction Route 89 east
             24      of Lehi.
             25          (o) SR-79. From I-15 easterly on Thirty-first Street in Ogden to the lane separation, then
             26      on the eastbound lane only to Route 89, then easterly on Thirtieth Street to Route 203.
] h

             27           h [ (p) ] (j) h SR-80 also known as Interstate 80 or I-80. From the Utah-Nevada state line east to
             27a      the
             28      Utah-Wyoming state line.
             29           h [ (q) ] (k) h SR-84 also known as Interstate 84 or I-84. From the Utah-Idaho state line to I-15
             29a      at
             30      the Tremonton Interchange; then from I-15 near Roy to I-80 near Echo.
             31           h [ (r) ] (l) h SR-89. From the Utah-Arizona state line westerly to Kanab, then northerly to the

- 2 -

lilac-March 2, 1998

             1      junction with I-70 near Sevier Junction; then beginning again at the junction with I-70 south of
             2      Salina, then northerly through Salina, Gunnison, and Mt. Pleasant to the junction with Route 6
             3      at Thistle Junction; then beginning again at the junction with Route 6 at Moark Junction northerly
             3a      h TO ROUTE 77 AT 400 SOUTH IN SPRINGVILLE; h
             4      h [ through Springville, Provo, Orem, and American Fork to I-15 north of Lehi; then beginning again
             5      at the junction with I-15 near Draper Crossroads northerly via Murray and Salt Lake City to the
             6      junction with I-15 at the Beck Street Interchange; then beginning again at the junction with I-15
             7      near Orchard Drive northerly through Bountiful to the junction with I-15 at the North Bountiful
             8      Interchange;
] h
then beginning again at the junction with I-15 at Lagoon Junction northerly
             8a      h [ through ] TO I-84 AT h
             9      Uintah Junction h [ and Ogden ] ; THEN BEGINNING AGAIN AT THE BOX ELDER COUNTY LINE
             9a      NORTHERLY h to Route 91 near the south city limits of Brigham City; then beginning
             10      again at the junction with h [ Route 91 ] 1500 EAST h in Logan northeasterly to Garden City, then north
             10a      to the
             11      Utah-Idaho state line.
             12           h [ (s) ] (m) h SR-91. From I-15 south of Brigham City, easterly through Brigham Canyon to
             13      Utah-Idaho state line.
             14           h [ (t) SR-134. From I-15 near Far West easterly on 2700 north to Route 89 in Pleasant View.
             15          (u) SR-152. From Route 71 at 4800 South Street southeasterly on the Van Winkle
             16      Expressway to the I- 215 Interchange near 6400 South Street, then south to Route 209 at 9400
             17      South.
             18          (v) SR-154. From I-15 westerly near 13400 South on Bangerter Highway to near 3200
             19      West, then northerly to the westbound off ramp of I-80 near the Salt Lake International Airport.
] h

             20           h [ (w) ] (n) h SR-163. From the Utah-Arizona state line northeasterly to Route 191.
             21           h [ (x) SR-171. From 172 at 5600 West easterly on 3500 South and 3300 South to I-215 at
             22      the east-side belt route.
             23          (y) SR-172. From 6200 South north on 5600 West to I-80.
             24          (z) SR-186. From Route 71 at 700 East and 400 South in Salt Lake City easterly on
             25      Fourth South, Tenth East, Fifth South, and Foothill Boulevard to I-80 near the mouth of Parley's
             26      Canyon.
] h

- 3 -
lilac-March 2, 1998

             27           h [ (aa) ] (o) h SR-189. From the junction of h [ I-15 and South ] 800 NORTH IN OREM AND h
             27a      University Avenue in Provo through
             28      Provo Canyon to Route 40 south of Heber.
             29           h [ (bb) SR-190. From I-215 at Knudsen's Corner southeasterly to Route 210 at the mouth
             30      of Big Cottonwood Canyon.
] h

             31           h [ (cc) ] (p) h SR-191. From the Utah-Arizona state line northerly through Blanding and Moab
             31a      to

- 3a -

lilac-March 2, 1998

             1      I-70 at Crescent Junction; then beginning again at Route 6 north of Helper northerly through
             2      Indian Canyon to Route 40 at Duchesne; then beginning again at Route 40 at Vernal northerly
             3      through Dutch John to the Utah-Wyoming state line.
             4           h [ (dd) SR-193. From I-15 in Clearfield east to Route 232 at Hill Air Force Base. ] h
             5           h [ (ee) ] (q) h SR-196. From Route 199 near the control gate at Dugway Proving Grounds northerly
             6      via the Skull Valley Road to the west bound on and off ramps of Route 80 at the Rowley Junction
             7      Interchange.
             8           h [ (ff) SR-201. From I-80 at Lake Point Junction east on 2100 South to I-15 in Salt Lake
             9      City.
             10          (gg) SR-203. From Route 89 near Uintah northerly on Harrison Boulevard in Ogden to
             11      Route 39.
             12          (hh) SR-209. From Route 172 at 5600 West easterly on 9000 South, then southeasterly
             13      to 9400 South, then easterly to 2300 East.
             14          (ii) SR-210. From Route 190 at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon southeasterly on
             15      Wasatch Boulevard to Route 209 at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon.
] h

             16           h [ (jj) ] (r) h SR-215 also known as Interstate 215 or I-215. From a junction with I-80 near the
             17      mouth of Parley's Canyon southwesterly to near the south city limits of Murray, junctioning with
             18      I-15, then northwesterly, northerly, and easterly to a junction with I-15 north of Salt Lake City.
             19           h [ (kk) SR-265. From I-15 near 1200 South in Orem southeasterly to Route 189 in Provo.
             20          (ll) SR-266. From Route 154 at Bangerter Highway easterly on 4700 South and 4500
             21      South to I-215 at the east-side belt route.
             22          (mm) SR-269. From I-15 easterly on 500 and 600 South to Route 71 at 700 East in Salt
             23      Lake City, providing one-way couplets.
] h

             24           h [ (nn) ] (s) h SR-666. From Route 191 in Monticello east to the Utah-Colorado state line.
             25          (3) The Transportation Interim Committee may request approval from the Legislative
             26      Management Committee for additional committee meetings or for the creation of subcommittees
             27      needed to complete the highway transfer and funding study.
             28          Section 2. Effective date.
             29          If approved by two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, this act takes effect
             30      upon approval by the governor, or the day following the constitutional time limit of Utah
             31      Constitution Article VII, Section 8, without the governor's signature, or in the case of a veto, the

- 4 -

lilac-March 2, 1998

             1      date of veto override.
             2          Section 3. Repeal date.
             3          This act is repealed November 30, 1998.

- 5 -

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