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S.B. 78





Sponsor: John P. Holmgren

7    This act affects sections of Utah Code Annotated 1953 as follows:
8    AMENDS:
9         27-12-31.1, as last amended by Chapter 32, Laws of Utah 1996
10         27-12-44.1, as last amended by Chapter 18, Laws of Utah 1995
11         27-12-47.1, as last amended by Chapter 26, Laws of Utah 1992
12         27-12-60.1, as last amended by Chapter 26, Laws of Utah 1992
13    Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
14        Section 1. Section 27-12-31.1 is amended to read:
15         27-12-31.1. State highways -- SR-6, SR-8 to SR-10.
16        The following named roads are designated as state highways:
17        (1) SR-6. From the Utah-Nevada state line easterly via Delta and Tintic Junction to the
18    northbound ramps of the North Santaquin Interchange of Route 15; then commencing again at the
19    Moark Connection Interchange of Route 15 easterly via Spanish Fork Canyon and Price to Route
20    70 west of Green River.
21        (2) SR-8. From Route 18 in St. George on Sunset Boulevard to Dixie Downs Road,
22    beginning again at the south boundary of Snow Canyon State Park to Route 18.
23        [(2)] (3) SR-9. From a junction with Route 15 at Harrisburg Junction easterly to Zion
24    National Park south boundary, and from Zion National Park east boundary to Route 89 at Mt.
25    Carmel Junction.
26        [(3)] (4) SR-10. From a junction with Route 70 near Fremont Junction northeasterly to
27    Route 55 in Price.

1        Section 2. Section 27-12-44.1 is amended to read:
2         27-12-44.1. State highways -- SR-131 to SR-134, SR-136 to SR-140.
3        The following named roads are designated as state highways:
4        (1) SR-131. From .21 miles west of Route 15 east [via] on 400 North Street in Bountiful
5    to Route 106.
6        (2) SR-132. From Route 6 in Lynndyl northeasterly via Leamington to Nephi; thence
7    southeasterly via Fountain Green and Moroni to Route 89 at Pigeon Hollow Junction.
8        (3) SR-133. From Kanosh south city limits north via Meadow to Route 15 north of
9    Meadow.
10        (4) SR-134. From Route 37 at Kanesville northerly to Plain City; thence easterly to Route
11    89 in Pleasant View.
12        (5) SR-136. From a junction with Route 50 and 125 east of Delta north to Route 6
13    [(unconstructed)].
14        (6) SR-137. From Route 89 in Gunnison easterly to Mayfield; thence northerly to Route
15    89.
16        (7) SR-138. From Route 80 at Stansbury Interchange southeasterly via Grantsville to
17    Route 36 at Mills Junction.
18        (8) SR-139. From Route 6 northerly to Route 157 near Spring Glen.
19        (9) SR-140. From Route 68 at Bluffdale easterly coincident with the Bluffdale Road to
20    the on and off access ramps on the east side of Route 15.
21        Section 3. Section 27-12-47.1 is amended to read:
22         27-12-47.1. State highways -- SR-161, SR-163 to SR-165, SR-167, SR-168.
23        The following named roads are designated as state highways:
24        (1) SR-161. From Route 70 near Cove Fort northwesterly to Route 15.
25        (2) SR-163. From the Utah-Arizona state line southwest of Mexican Hat northeasterly to
26    Route 191 near Bluff and commencing again on Route 191 at Bluff easterly to Route 262 at
27    Montezuma Creek.
28        (3) SR-164. From Route 15 southwest of Spanish Fork easterly to Route [6] 198 one-half
29    mile south of Spanish Fork.
30        (4) SR-165. From Paradise northerly via Hyrum and Nibley to Route 91 in Logan.
31        (5) SR-167. From Route 84 near Mountain Green northerly coincident with the Trappers

- 2 -

1    Loop Road to Route 39 south of Huntsville.
2        (6) SR-168. From the north entrance of Hill Air Force Base northerly to Route 60 in
3    Riverdale.
4        Section 4. Section 27-12-60.1 is amended to read:
5         27-12-60.1. State highways -- SR-291 to SR-299.
6        The following named roads are designated as state highways:
7        (1) SR-291. The Institute for the Blind. From Route 203, Harrison Boulevard, near
8    Seventh Street in Ogden easterly and southerly to the hospital, including the loop on the southwest
9    side of the hospital.
10        (2) SR-292. At Salt Lake Community College.
11        (a) From 2200 West Street easterly via 4520 South for 0.17 miles; commencing again at
12    0.47 mile easterly via 4520 South to Route 68.
13        (b) From Route 68 westerly via 4600 South for 0.80 miles; thence northerly via 1900 West
14    to 4520 South.
15        (c) From 4600 South northerly paralleling Route 68 to 4520 South.
16        (d) From 2200 West easterly via Bruin Boulevard to Route 68.
17        (3) SR-293. At State Capitol Building. All roads and parking areas within the capitol
18    grounds.
19        (4) SR-294. At State Mental Hospital. From the main gate on Center Street in Provo
20    easterly to the administration building.
21        (5) SR-295. Those roads used for drivers' tests at 1200 West in Orem City.
22        (6) SR-296. At American Fork Training School. From 700 North in American Fork
23    northerly.
24        (7) SR-297. At State Fair Grounds.
25        (a) The roadway commencing at the main gate of the Fair Grounds at 1st North Street and
26    9th West Street in Salt Lake City, west to the roadway on the east side of the Coliseum; thence
27    south to the roadway on the north side of the Coliseum; thence west to the roadway on the west
28    side of the Coliseum; thence south to the roadway on the north side of the cattle barns; thence east
29    to the horticulture building; thence north to the roadway on the south side of the drivers' license
30    building; thence east to the roadway on the east side of the drivers' license building; thence north
31    to the roadway near the main gate, providing a peripheral road around the fair grounds area.

- 3 -

1        (b) The roadway from the peripheral road on the south, north to the peripheral road on the
2    north.
3        (c) The roadway from the peripheral road on the west, east via the south side of the
4    Coliseum to Route 297-b.
5        (d) The roadway from Route 297-c north via the east side of the Coliseum to the peripheral
6    road.
7        (e) The roadway from Route 297-d near the main entrance to the Coliseum, east to Route
8    297-b.
9        (f) The roadway from Route 297-b east to the peripheral road near the southwest corner
10    of the drivers' license building.
11        (g) The roadway, including the parking area, on the west side of the drivers' license
12    building, from Route 297-f north to the peripheral road.
13        (8) SR-298. Roads at the Browning Armory in South Ogden used for automotive drivers'
14    ability tests including parking areas.
15        (9) SR-299. Those roads used for drivers' tests at 2780 West and 4700 South in Salt Lake
16    County.
17        [(10) SR-300. From the southwest boundary of Snow Canyon State Park northerly via
18    Snow Canyon to Route 18.]

Legislative Review Note
as of 11-20-97 10:11 AM

A limited legal review of this bill raises no obvious constitutional or statutory concerns.

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

Committee Note

The Transportation Interim Committee recommended this bill.

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