February 20, 1998

Mr. Speaker:

    The Education Committee recommends H.B. 320, TRUANCY AMENDMENTS, by Representative D. Bourdeaux, be replaced and reports a favorable recommendation on 1st Sub. H.B. 320, TRUANCY AMENDMENTS with the following amendments:

1.    Page 6, Line 16:    After "court" insert:
        ", but in those geographical areas of the state without justice courts, the juvenile courts shall assume exclusive jurisdiction."

2.    Page 6, Line 18:    After line 18 insert:
        "(f) Justice courts shall report the disposition of truancy citations they deal with under this section to the appropriate juvenile court."

3. Page 6, Lines 6-7:    Delete

4. Page 7, Lines 21-26: Delete

5. Page 6, Line 5: After "excuse" insert ", which includes home school, private school and dual enrollment."


        Ron Bigelow
        Committee Vice Chair

Voting: 7-4-1
7 HB0320.HC1 jholyoak/JWL JLW/JWL 10:22 AM

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