February 13, 1998

Mr. President:

    The Health and Environment Committee reports a favorable recommendation on S.B. 51, CRITICAL LAND CONSERVATION REVOLVING LOAN FUND, by Senator L. McAllister, with the following amendments:
1.    Page 3, Line 30:    After line 30 insert:

        "(4) The costs of administering loans from the fund, as provided in Section 11-28-106, shall be paid from the fund."

2.    Page 4, Line 5:    After line 5 insert:

        "Section 6. Section 11-28-106 is enacted to read:
         11-28-106. Division of finance responsible for administration of loans.
        (1) The Division of Finance shall be responsible for the care, custody, safekeeping, collection, and accounting for loans issued by the committee as provided in Section 63-65-4.
        (2) The Division of Finance may charge the administrative costs to the fund.

         Renumber remaining sections accordingly.


        Robert Muhlestein
        Committee Chair

Voting: 6-0-0
3 SB0051.SC1 kallred/JBA RHR/JTW 10:18 AM

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