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        January 29, 1998

Mr. President:

    The State and Local Affairs Committee reports a favorable recommendation on S.B. 132, NOTICE ON CREATION OR MODIFICATION OF POLITICAL SUBDIVISIONS, by Senator R. Evans, with the following amendments:

1.     Page 2, Line 29:    After "year" delete "before" and insert "during which" and after "change" insert "occurs"        

2.     Page 16, Line 13:    After "year" delete "before" and insert "during which" and after "change" insert "occurs"

3.     Page 16, Line 13:    After line 13 insert:

        "Section 15. Coordination clause.
        If this bill and H.B. 88, Recording of         Documents, both pass, it is the intent of the         Legislature that Section 10-2-408 shall read as         provided in this bill and that Subsection 10-2-         423 (1) shall read:
        (1) Within 30 days after enacting an ordinance         annexing an unincorporated area or adjusting a         boundary under this part, the municipal         legislative body shall record with the county         recorder a certified copy of the ordinance         approving the annexation or boundary         adjustment, together with a plat or map         prepared by a licensed surveyor and approved         by the municipal legislative body, showing the         new boundaries of the affected area.

        Renumber the remaining sections accordingly.


        R. Mont Evans
        Committee Chair

Voting: 3-0-3
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