Senate Floor Amendments

March 2, 1998 10:31 AM

Senator Stephenson proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 3, Line 24:    After line 24 insert:

        "(6) "Health insurance voucher" means a voucher that:
        (a) the department issues to the parent or legal guardian of an eligible child for use in the purchase of four months of qualified health insurance coverage for the child;
        (b) is equal to no more than four times the average monthly amount the department would otherwise pay on behalf of the child to the managed care system or traditional fee for service plan under contract with the department pursuant to Section 26-40-110; and
        (c) is redeemable by the health insurance plan for payment in the amount provided in Subsection (6)(c) for coverage of the eligible child;"

         Renumber remaining subsections accordingly.

2.    Page 4, Line 10:    After line 10 insert:

        "(11) "Qualified health insurance coverage" means health insurance coverage that:
        (a) provides, at a minimum, the same program benefits established by the department by rule;
        (b) has cost-sharing requirements which do not:
        (i) exceed the guidelines set forth in U.S.C. Sec. 1397ee; or
        (ii) impose deductible, copayment, or coinsurance requirements for well-child, well-baby, and immunizations;
        (c) ensures that no amount of the voucher is used to pay for the coverage of any person other than the eligible child if other family members are included in the same health insurance plan, which shall be considered to be the case in situations where the voucher is used to pay the additional amount of premium required to add a child to the plan, regardless of whether the plan is or is not offered through

an employer;
        (d) is in compliance with the other applicable provisions of this chapter; and
        (e) is certified by the department as meeting the requirements of Subsection (11)(a) through (d).

3.    Page 4, Line 19:    Delete "and"

4.    Page 4, Line 21    After "Sec. 1397ff" insert ", and any waivers that may be necessary to issue health insurance vouchers"

5.    Page 4, Line 31:    After "program" insert ", including the certification of qualified health insurance coverage and the issuance of health insurance vouchers"

6.    Page 6, Line 23
    Lilac 2-26-98:    After "insurance" insert ", consistent with the provisions of this chapter on health insurance vouchers"

7.    Page 7, Line 4
    Lilac 2-26-98:    After line 4 insert:
        "(4) Upon a determination that a child is eligible for the program, the department shall, at child's parent or legal guardian's request:
        (a) enroll the child in a managed care system or fee for service plan under contract with the department pursuant to Section 26-40-110; or
        (b) issue the child's parent or legal guardian a health insurance voucher.

8.    Page 8, Line 13
    Lilac 2-26-98:    Delete "Services" and insert "Except for children issued vouchers pursuant to Subsection 26-40-105(4), services"