S.B. 52

House Floor Amendments

February 27, 1998 8:34 AM

Representative Curtis proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 4, Line 30
    Goldenrod 2-20-98:    After "in" delete "Subsection" and insert "Subsections" and after "(5)(d)" insert "and (e)"

2.    Page 5, Line 10l
    Goldenrod 2-20-98:    After Line 10l insert:
        "(e) Notwithstanding Subsection (5)(a), a municipality is not required to obtain voter approval under this Subsection (5) to impose a tax rate that exceeds the certified tax rate if:
        (i) the municipality meets the requirements of Sections 59-2-918 and 59-2-919; and
        (ii) in adopting the resolution required under Section 59-2-919, the municipal legislative body obtains approval to impose the tax rate by two-thirds of all members of the municipal legislative body.