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First Substitute S.B. 167

Senator Leonard M. Blackham proposes to substitute the following bill:




Sponsor: Leonard M. Blackham

             10      CONFORMING AMENDMENTS.
             11      This act affects sections of Utah Code Annotated 1953 as follows:
             12      AMENDS:
             13          26-39-102, as last amended by Chapter 158, Laws of Utah 1998
             14          26-39-103, as last amended by Chapter 143, Laws of Utah 1998
             15          26-39-104, as last amended by Chapters 143 and 158, Laws of Utah 1998
             16          26-39-105.5, as enacted by Chapter 158, Laws of Utah 1998
             17      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             18          Section 1. Section 26-39-102 is amended to read:
             19           26-39-102. Definitions.
             20          As used in this chapter:
             21          (1) "Child" means [the]:
             22          (a) a child of a person other than the provider of child care[.];
             23          (b) a child of a licensed or certified residential child care provider who is under the age
             24      of four; and
             25          (c) a child of an employee or owner of a licensed child care center who is under the age

             26      of four.
             27          (2) "Child care" means continuous care and supervision of five or more children under 14
             28      years of age, in lieu of care ordinarily provided by parents in their own home, for less than 24
             29      hours a day, for direct or indirect compensation.
             30          (3) "Child care program" means a child care facility or program operated by a person
             31      pursuant to a license issued in accordance with this chapter.
             32          (4) "Residential child care" means child care provided in the home of a provider.
             33          Section 2. Section 26-39-103 is amended to read:
             34           26-39-103. Child Care Licensing Advisory Committee.
             35          (1) There is established the Child Care Licensing Advisory Committee to advise the
             36      department on rules promulgated by the department pursuant to this chapter. It shall be composed
             37      of [nine] the following 13 members who shall be appointed by the executive director[. Two
             38      members shall represent consumers of child care programs licensed pursuant to this chapter, four
             39      members shall be providers licensed pursuant to this chapter at least two of whom shall be facility
             40      owner-operators, two members shall be health care providers, and one member shall be an
             41      individual with expertise in early childhood development.]:
             42          (a) two child care consumers;
             43          (b) two licensed residential child care providers;
             44          (c) one certified residential child care provider;
             45          (d) five representatives of licensed child care center programs;
             46          (e) one individual with expertise in early childhood development; and
             47          (f) two health care providers.
             48          (2) [Of the initial members of the Child Care Licensing Advisory Committee, the
             49      executive director shall appoint three to four-year terms, three to three-year terms, and three to
             50      two-year terms. Thereafter, appointments] Appointments shall be for four-year terms, except for
             51      those members who have been appointed to complete an unexpired term. Appointments and
             52      reappointments may be staggered so that 1/4 of the committee changes each year. The committee
             53      shall annually elect a chairman from its membership.
             54          (3) The advisory committee shall meet at least quarterly, or more frequently as determined
             55      by the executive director, the chairman, or three or more members of the committee. S [ Five ] SEVEN s
             56      members constitute a quorum and a vote of the majority of the members present constitutes an

             57      action of the committee.
             58          (4) Advisory committee members shall be reimbursed for their actual and necessary
             59      expenses incurred in the performance of their duties as established by the director of the Division
             60      of Finance, pursuant to Section 63A-3-107 . Advisory committee members may decline
             61      reimbursement.
             62          Section 3. Section 26-39-104 is amended to read:
             63           26-39-104. Duties of the department.
             64          (1) With regard to child care programs licensed pursuant to this chapter, the department
             65      may:
             66          (a) make and enforce rules to implement the provisions of this chapter and, as necessary
             67      to protect children's common needs for a safe and healthy environment, to provide for:
             68          (i) adequate facilities and equipment; and
             69          (ii) competent caregivers considering the age of the children and the type of program
             70      offered by the licensee;
             71          (b) make and enforce rules necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter, in the
             72      following areas:
             73          (i) requirements for applications, the application process, and compliance with other
             74      applicable statutes and rules;
             75          (ii) documentation and policies and procedures that providers shall have in place in order
             76      to be licensed, in accordance with Subsection (1)(a);
             77          (iii) categories, classifications, and duration of initial and ongoing licenses;
             78          (iv) changes of ownership or name, changes in licensure status, and changes in operational
             79      status;
             80          (v) license expiration and renewal, contents, and posting requirements;
             81          (vi) procedures for inspections, complaint resolution, disciplinary actions, and other
             82      procedural measures to encourage and assure compliance with statute and rule; and
             83          (vii) guidelines necessary to assure consistency and appropriateness in the regulation and
             84      discipline of licensees; and
             85          (c) set and collect licensing and other fees in accordance with Section 26-1-6 .
             86          (2) The department may not regulate educational curricula, academic methods, or the
             87      educational philosophy or approach of the provider. The department shall allow for a broad range

             88      of educational training and academic background in certification or qualification of child day care
             89      directors.
             90          (3) In licensing and regulating child care programs, the department shall reasonably
             91      balance the benefits and burdens of each regulation and, by rule, provide for a range of licensure,
             92      depending upon the needs and different levels and types of child care provided. [The department
             93      shall prepare language for the 1999 General Session of the Legislature to codify as much licensing
             94      regulation implemented pursuant to this subsection as the department determines to be
             95      practicable.]
             96          (4) Notwithstanding the definition of "child" in Subsection 26-39-102 (1), the department
             97      shall count children under the age of 14 toward the minimum square footage requirement for
             98      indoor and outdoor areas, including the child of:
             99          (a) a licensed residential child care provider; or
             100          (b) an owner or employee of a licensed child care center.
             101          Section 4. Section 26-39-105.5 is amended to read:
             102           26-39-105.5. Residential child care certificate.
             103          (1) (a) A residential child care provider of five to eight children shall obtain a Residential
             104      Child Care Certificate from the department unless Section 26-39-106 applies.
             105          (b) The qualifications for a Residential Child Care Certificate are limited to:
             106          (i) the submission of:
             107          (A) an application on a form prepared by the department;
             108          (B) a certification and criminal background fee established in accordance with Section
             109      26-1-6 ; and
             110          (C) identifying information described in Subsection 26-39-107 (1) for each adult person
             111      who resides in the provider's home:
             112          (I) for processing by the Department of Public Safety to determine whether any such
             113      person has been convicted of a crime; and
             114          (II) to screen for a substantiated finding of child abuse or neglect pursuant to Section
             115      62A-4a-116 ;
             116          (ii) an initial and annual inspection of the provider's home within 90 days of sending an
             117      intent to inspect notice to:
             118          (A) check the immunization record of each child who receives child care in the provider's

             119      home;
             120          (B) identify serious sanitation, fire, and health hazards to children; and
             121          (C) make appropriate recommendations; and
             122          (iii) for new providers, completion of:
             123          (A) five hours of department-approved training; and
             124          (B) a department-approved CPR and first aid course.
             125          (c) If a serious sanitation, fire, or health hazard has been found during an inspection
             126      conducted pursuant to Subsection (1)(b)(ii), the department may, at the option of the residential
             127      care provider:
             128          (i) require corrective action for the serious hazards found and make an unannounced
             129      follow up inspection to determine compliance; or
             130          (ii) inform the parents of each child in the care of the provider of the results of the
             131      department's inspection and the failure of the provider to take corrective action.
             132          (d) In addition to an inspection conducted pursuant to Subsection (1)(b)(ii), the department
             133      may inspect the home of a residential care provider of five to eight children in response to a
             134      complaint of:
             135          (i) child abuse or neglect;
             136          (ii) serious health hazards in or around the provider's home; or
             137          (iii) providing residential child care without the appropriate certificate or license.
             138          (2) Notwithstanding this section:
             139          (a) a license under Section 26-39-105 is required of a residential child care provider who
             140      cares for nine or more children;
             141          [(b) a Residential Care Certificate under Subsection (1) is required of a residential care
             142      provider who provides care for four or more children, based on the sum of:]
             143          [(i) children under two years of age; and]
             144          [(ii) the provider's own children under four years of age; and]
             145          (b) a certified residential child care provider may not provide care to more than two
             146      children under the age of two; and
             147          (c) an inspection may be required of a residential child care provider in connection with
             148      a federal child care program.
             149          (3) With respect to residential child care, the department may only make and enforce rules

             150      necessary to implement this section.

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