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        February 19, 1999

Mr. President:

    The Business, Labor, and Economic Development Committee reports a favorable recommendation on S.B. 162, LIMITATION ON WORKERS' COMPENSATION COVERAGE, by Senator P. Hellewell, with the following amendments:
1.    Page 2, Line 52:    After "Subsection" delete "(3)(c)(i)" and insert "(3)(c)(ii) and (iii)"

2.    Page 2, Line 54:    After "comply with" insert ": (A)" and after "Testing" insert "; or (B) if the employee is a local governmental employee as defined in Section 34-41-101, Title 34, Chapter 41, Local Governmental Entity Drug-Free Workplace Policies"

3.    Page 2, Line 57:    After line 57 insert:
        "(ii) Notwithstanding Section 34-41-103, the results of a test taken under Title 34, Chapter 41, may be disclosed to the extent necessary to establish or rebut the presumption created under Subsection (3)(a)."


        Parley G. Hellewell
        Committee Chair

Voting: 5-0-1
3 SB0162.SC1 nwoodhea/MCP PO/MCP 6:29 PM

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