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        February 23, 1999

Mr. President:

    The Business, Labor, and Economic Development Committee reports a favorable recommendation on S.C.R. 1, RESOLUTION CALLING FOR PREPARATIONS FOR YEAR 2000, by Senator S. Howell, with the following amendments:

1.    Page 1, line 15    delete "currently refers" and insert "can refer"

2.    Page 1, line 18    after "predicting that," delete the rest of line 18 and insert "unless computing systems which contain this problem are identified and repaired or replaced,"

3.    Page 1, line 23    after "WHEREAS, the" delete "security" and insert "integrity"

4.    Page 2, line 31    after "disruption" insert ", whether as the result of Y2K, natural disasters, or other emergencies,"


        Parley G. Hellewell
        Committee Chair

Voting: 4-0-2
3 SCR001.SC1 nwoodhead/MCP ECM/JDH 12:43 PM

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