H.B. 86 Substitute    Check Abuse Amendments -- Swallow, J.

        Drafting Attorney: Patricia Owen
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This bill has been substituted. The substitute is H.B. 86 Third Substitute

This bill is a substitute bill. The bill that was substituted is H.B. 86

Bill Status
    Last Action: 02 March 1999, Senate/substitute
    Last Location: Senate Substituted Bill
    Bill Status  Last Updated: 2 March 1999, 3:22 PM

Bill Text
    Introduced HTML | PDF | WP 6,7,8 Zipped 28K  Last Updated: 17 February 1999, 8:12 AM
    Amended HTML | PDF | WP 6,7,8 Zipped 25K  Last Updated: 26 February 1999, 9:34 AM

Fiscal Note
    Fiscal Note HTML | PDF Last Updated: 25 February 1999, 6:39 PM

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