H.J.R. 3

House Floor Amendments

January 18, 1999 1:31 PM

Representative Frandsen proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 1, Line 1:    After "JOINT" insert "AND INTERIM"

2.    Page 1, Line 5:    After "REVISING JOINT" insert "AND INTERIM"


4.    Page 1, Line 11:    After line 11 insert:

5.    Page 1, Line 20:    After line 20 insert:
        "Section 1. IR-3.01 is amended to read:
          IR-3.01 .   Committee Responsibilities.
         (1) The interim committees, meeting jointly, shall:
         [ (1) ] (a) receive study assignments by resolution from the Legislature;
          [ (2) ] (b) receive study assignments from the Legislative Management Committee;
         [ (3) ] (c) place matters on their study agendas upon notification to the Legislative Management Committee; however, if a study request has not been disapproved by the Legislative Management Committee within 30 days of receipt of the request, the interim committee may proceed with the requested study;
         [ (4) ] (d) request research reports from professional legislative staff pertaining to the committee's study agenda;
         [ (5) ] (e) investigate and study possibilities for improvement in government services within its subject area;
         [ (6) ] (f) accept reports from professional legislative staff and make recommendations for legislative action with respect to the reports; [ and ]
         [ (7) ] (g) prepare and recommend to the Legislature a legislative program in response to the committee study agenda [ . ] ; and
         (h) fulfill their constitutional and statutory responsibilities by exercising their oversight of the executive and judicial branches

and make recommendations for legislative action with respect to that oversight.
         (2) (a) Except as provided in Subsection (2)(b), in at least two scheduled interim committee meetings, the committee chairs of each interim committee shall give priority to the oversight responsibilities of the committee as provided in Subsection (1)(h).
         (b) The chairs may, if the interim committee does not have significant oversight responsibilities in any given year, choose not to hold those committee meetings. "

         Renumber remaining sections accordingly.