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First Substitute S.B. 170

Senator Scott N. Howell proposes to substitute the following bill:




Sponsor: Scott N. Howell

             9      This act affects sections of Utah Code Annotated 1953 as follows:
             10      AMENDS:
             11          10-3-1007, as enacted by Chapter 48, Laws of Utah 1977
             12          17-30-6, as last amended by Chapter 234, Laws of Utah 1993
             13          17-30-9, as enacted by The People Nov. 8, 1960, Laws of Utah 1960
             14          17-30-10, as enacted by The People Nov. 8, 1960, Laws of Utah 1960
             15          17-30-11, as last amended by Chapter 210, Laws of Utah 1983
             16      ENACTS:
             17          53-6-401, Utah Code Annotated 1953
             18          53-6-402, Utah Code Annotated 1953
             19      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             20          Section 1. Section 10-3-1007 is amended to read:
             21           10-3-1007. Examinations.
             22          (1) All applicants for employment in the classified civil service [shall be] are subject to
             23      examination, which shall be public, competitive, and free.
             24          (2) Examinations shall be:
             25          (a) held at [such] times and places [as] the civil service commission [shall from time to

             26      time determine, and shall be] determines;
             27          (b) for the purpose of determining the qualifications of applicants for positions[.
             28      Examinations shall be]; and
             29          (c) practical and shall fairly test the fitness in every respect of the persons examined to
             30      discharge the duties of the positions to which they seek to be appointed[, and shall include tests
             31      of physical qualifications and health].
             32          (3) The civil service commission, in determining the qualifications of applicants for
             33      employment in the classified civil service, may recognize the results of a competitive examination
             34      administered by the Utah Police Corps, as created in Section 53-6-402 , if the examination meets
             35      the requirements of Subsections (2)(b) and (c).
             36          Section 2. Section 17-30-6 is amended to read:
             37           17-30-6. Examinations -- How prepared, conducted, and graded -- Notice of
             38      examination.
             39          (1) (a) When necessary, the commission shall give competitive examinations to determine
             40      the qualification of applicants for positions as peace officers.
             41          (b) The examinations shall be practical in character and shall relate to matters that will
             42      fairly test the mental and physical ability and knowledge of the applicants to discharge the duties
             43      of the positions.
             44          (c) The examinations shall be prepared, conducted, and graded under the direction of the
             45      commission, or by impartial special examiners [if the commission finds it necessary].
             46          (2) The commission, in determining the qualifications of applicants for positions as peace
             47      officers, may recognize the results of a competitive examination administered by the Utah Police
             48      Corps, as created in Section 53-6-402 , if the examination meets the requirements of Subsection
             49      (1)(b).
             50          [(2)] (3) (a) Notice of examination shall be published one time not less than 15 days prior
             51      to the examination in a newspaper of general circulation in the area concerned and shall be posted
             52      in a conspicuous place in the office of the department concerned.
             53          (b) The notice shall set forth minimum and maximum wages, physical and educational
             54      requirements, and passing grades, which shall be not less than 70%.
             55          (c) A person completing an examination shall be promptly notified of his final grade by
             56      mail at his last-known address [of his final grade].

             57          Section 3. Section 17-30-9 is amended to read:
             58           17-30-9. Preparation and expiration of eligible register.
             59          (1) Upon completion of [an] any examination, the commission shall prepare an eligible
             60      register containing the names of all persons receiving a passing grade in the order of grades earned,
             61      beginning with the highest.
             62          (2) (a) An eligible register [shall expire], except for registers listing persons qualifying
             63      under Subsection 17-30-6 (2), expires not later than two years after the date of the examination
             64      unless the commission, for good reason, [shall extend] extends the time not to exceed one
             65      additional year.
             66          (b) The promulgation of a new eligible register [shall] automatically [cancel] cancels all
             67      previous registers for the same class or position, except that the commission may establish rules
             68      governing registers established for Utah Police Corps positions.
             69          Section 4. Section 17-30-10 is amended to read:
             70           17-30-10. Appointments from eligible register -- Failure to accept appointment.
             71          (1) When a peace officer is to be appointed, the appointing authority shall request the merit
             72      system commission to certify three eligible applicants for the position. The commission shall
             73      [thereupon] certify to the appointing authority the names of the three applicants standing highest
             74      on the eligible register. The appointing authority shall select and appoint one of the persons so
             75      certified.
             76          (2) [In the event] If a certified person fails to accept a proffered appointment, he may, at
             77      his request, retain his place on the eligible register if he submits in writing reasons sufficient in the
             78      judgment of the commission to justify [such] the failure to accept.
             79          (3) The commission, in appointing a peace officer, may recognize the results of a
             80      competitive examination administered by the Utah Police Corps, as created in Section 53-6-402 ,
             81      if the examination meets the requirements of Subsection 17-30-6 (1)(b).
             82          Section 5. Section 17-30-11 is amended to read:
             83           17-30-11. Probationary period of appointment.
             84          (1) Any officer appointed as provided in Section 17-30-10 shall serve a probationary
             85      period of six consecutive months, during which time he may be discharged by the appointing
             86      authority. The probationary period shall be extended for an officer who has not yet satisfactorily
             87      completed an approved peace officer training program and received a certificate [attesting thereto]

             88      of completion, as required under Title 67, Chapter 15. A person removed during his probationary
             89      period [shall] may not be [replaced] placed again on the eligible register without passing another
             90      regular examination. Continuance in his position after the expiration of the probationary period
             91      [shall constitute] constitutes a permanent appointment. Service under a temporary or emergency
             92      appointment [shall] is not [be considered as] part of the probationary period.
             93          (2) The commission shall establish policies and procedures to govern the probationary
             94      appointments of officers selected from the Utah Police Corps, but the probationary period may not
             95      be less than six months.
             96          Section 6. Section 53-6-401 is enacted to read:
Part 4. Utah Police Corps Act

             98          53-6-401. Title.
             99          This part is known as the "Utah Police Corps Act."
             100          Section 7. Section 53-6-402 is enacted to read:
             101          53-6-402. Creation -- Purpose -- Funding.
             102          (1) There is created within the division the Utah Police Corps.
             103          (2) The Utah Police Corps is a peace officer training program that:
             104          (a) is funded solely by the federal government;
             105          (b) requires participants to receive a four-year college degree;
             106          (c) reimburses participants up to $30,000 for education expenses; and
             107          (d) requires participants to work for a state or local law enforcement agency for four years
             108      after graduating from the corps.
             109          (3) The state is not required to provide funding to the Utah Police Corps.

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