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CORRECTED ON 1/27/00 AT 2:50 PM

         January 26, 2000

Mr. President:

    The Energy, Natural Resources, and Agriculture Committee recommends S.B. 73, TELECOMMUNICATION DEFINITION TECHNICAL AMENDMENTS, by Senator L. Jones, be replaced and favorably recommends 1st Sub. S.B. 73, TELEPHONE CORPORATION DEFINITION AMENDMENTS with the following amendments:

1.    Page 7, Line 190:     After "Commission;" delete "or"
2.    Page 7, Line 191:      After "Internet" delete "access." and insert "service; or"
3.    Page 7, Line 191:     After line 191 insert: "(iii) resold intrastate toll service."


        Beverly Ann Evans
        Committee Chair

Voting: 3-0-2
7 SB0073.SC1 nduzett/CSS TPD/RCN 1/26/00 9:21 AM

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