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        February 24, 2000

Mr. Speaker:

    The Business, Labor, and Economic Development Committee reports a favorable recommendation on S.B. 220, BAIL AND BAIL BOND SURETY RELATED AMENDMENTS, by Senator L. Poulton, with the following amendments:

1.    Page 19, Line 578:    After the first "surrender" insert "and requesting exoneration"

2.    Page 22, Line 670:    Delete "with a court certified copy of the undertaking of bail"

3.    Page 23, Line 682:    After "forfeited by" delete "a magistrate of"

4.    Page 24, Line 734:    Reinstate "may" and delete "shall"


    John William 'Bill' Hickman
    Committee Chair

Voting: 11-0-3
3 SB0220.HC1 2/24/00 6:11 PM mcperry/MCP PO/MCP

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