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S.B. 48

Senate Floor Amendments

Amendment 4 February 4, 2000 4:53 PM

Senator Montgomery proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 12, Line 347:    After "agents" reinstate "except that" and insert ": (i)" and reinstate "the oral antibiotics may only be prescribed for:" and delete the period

2.    Page 12, Line 348:    Insert "(A)" at the beginning of line 348 and reinstate "eyelid-related ocular conditions or diseases; and"

3.    Page 12, Line 349:    Insert "(B)" at the beginning of line 349 and reinstate "any other ocular disease or condition as specified by division rule" and insert "; and
        (ii) Schedule III controlled substances may only be prescribed to be taken orally for pain of the eye or adnexa in a quantity not to exceed 72 hours in duration and which may not be refilled.