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S.B. 75

Senate Floor Amendments

Amendment 4 January 26, 2000 11:04 AM

Senator Davis proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 1, Line 16:    Delete line 16

2.    Page 1, Line 18:    After line 18 insert:
        " 13-11-4.5, Utah Code Annotated 1953"

3.    Page 3, Lines 61-89:    Delete lines 61 through 89

4.    Page 4, Lines 90-120
    including amendment to
    Line 115 from Judiciary
    Standing Committee report
    dated 1/24/00:    Delete lines 90 through 120

5.    Page 5, Lines 121-138:    Delete lines 121 through 138 and after line 138 insert:

        "Section 2. Section 13-11-4.5 is enacted to read:
         13-11-4.5. Deceptive act or practice by person other than a supplier.
        (1) A deceptive act or practice by a person other than a supplier in connection with a consumer transaction violates this chapter when it occurs before, during, or after the transaction.
        (2) Without limiting the scope of Subsection (1), a person other than a supplier commits a deceptive act or practice if the person knowingly or intentionally, with fraudulent intent, obtains or records personal identifying information which would assist in accessing the financial resources or medical information in the name of another person or accesses or attempts to access the financial resources or medical information in the name of another person through the use of personal identifying information as defined in Title, 76, Chapter 6, Part 11, Identity Fraud Act. "

        Renumber remaining subsections accordingly.

6.    Page 7, Line 208:    After "has" delete "primary"