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S.B. 81

House Floor Amendments

Amendment 5 January 31, 2000 6:30 PM

Representative Lloyd W. Frandsen proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 6, Line 168:    After "(1)" insert "(a)" and after "its" bracket "school district" and insert "local school board"

2.    Page 6, Lines 169-170:    After "level to" bracket "help" on line 169 and bracket all of line 170 and insert:
         "improve student achievement by developing a plan to include:
        (i) the school's identified most critical academic needs;
        (ii) a recommended course of action to meet the identified academic needs;
        (iii) a specific listing of any programs, practices, materials, or equipment that the school will need to implement its action plan to have a direct impact on the instruction of students and result in measurable increased student performance; and
        (iv) how the school intends to enhance or improve academic excellence at the school.
        (b) The school may develop a multiyear plan, but the plan must be presented and approved annually by the local school board of the district in which the school is located.
        (c) The school shall:
        (i) implement the plan as developed by the council and approved by the local board;
        (ii) provide ongoing support for the council's plan;
        (iii) meet school board reporting requirements regarding performance and accountability;
        (iv) publicize to its patrons and the general public its plan to enhance or improve academic excellence at the school, including the results of those efforts; and
        (v) through its council prepare and present an annual report to its local school board at the end of the school year."