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First Substitute H.B. 209

Representative Brent D. Parker proposes to substitute the following bill:




Sponsor: Brent D. Parker

             5      This act modifies the Public Safety Code by amending certain driver license requirements.
             6      The act clarifies the penalty for certain driver license violations.
             7      This act affects sections of Utah Code Annotated 1953 as follows:
             8      AMENDS:
             9          53-3-204, as last amended by Chapter 28, Laws of Utah 1999
             10          53-3-216, as last amended by Chapter 216, Laws of Utah 1999
             11      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             12          Section 1. Section 53-3-204 is amended to read:
             13           53-3-204. Persons who may not be licensed.
             14          (1) (a) The division may not license a person who:
             15          (i) is younger than 16 years of age;
             16          (ii) has not completed a course in driver training approved by the commissioner; [and] or
             17          (iii) if the person is a minor, [does] has not [complete] completed the driving requirement
             18      under Section 53-3-211 .
             19          (b) Subsection (1)(a) does not apply to a person:
             20          (i) who has been licensed before July 1, 1967; or
             21          (ii) who is 16 years of age or older making application for a license who has been licensed
             22      in another state or country.
             23          (2) The division may not issue a license certificate to a person:
             24          (a) whose license has been suspended, denied, cancelled, or disqualified during the period
             25      of suspension, denial, cancellation, or disqualification;

             26          (b) whose privilege has been revoked, except as provided in Section 53-3-225 ;
             27          (c) who has previously been adjudged mentally incompetent and who has not at the time
             28      of application been restored to competency as provided by law;
             29          (d) who is required by this chapter to take an examination unless the person successfully
             30      passes the examination; or
             31          (e) whose driving privileges have been denied or suspended under:
             32          (i) Section 78-3a-506 by an order of the juvenile court; or
             33          (ii) Section 53-3-231 .
             34          (3) The division may grant a class D or M license to a person whose commercial license
             35      is disqualified under Part 4 of this chapter if the person is not otherwise sanctioned under this
             36      chapter.
             37          Section 2. Section 53-3-216 is amended to read:
             38           53-3-216. Change of address -- Duty of licensee to notify division within ten days --
             39      Change of name -- Proof necessary -- Method of giving notice by division.
             40          (1) If a person, after applying for or receiving a license, moves from the address named
             41      in the application or in the license certificate issued to him, the person shall within ten days of
             42      moving, notify the division in writing of his new address and the number of any license certificate
             43      held by him.
             44          (2) If a person requests to change the surname on the applicant's license, the division shall
             45      issue a substitute license with the new name upon receiving an application and fee for a duplicate
             46      license and any of the following proofs of the applicant's full legal name:
             47          (a) an original or certified copy of the applicant's marriage certificate;
             48          (b) a certified copy of a court order under Title 42, Chapter 1, Change of Name, showing
             49      the name change;
             50          (c) an original or certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a government agency;
             51          (d) a certified copy of a divorce decree or annulment granted the applicant that specifies
             52      the name change requested; or
             53          (e) a certified copy of a divorce decree that does not specify the name change requested
             54      together with:
             55          (i) an original or certified copy of the applicant's birth certificate;
             56          (ii) the applicant's marriage license;

             57          (iii) a driver license record showing use of a maiden name; or
             58          (iv) other documentation the division finds acceptable.
             59          (3) (a) If the division is authorized or required to give any notice under this chapter or
             60      other law regulating the operation of vehicles, the notice shall, unless otherwise prescribed, be
             61      given by:
             62          (i) personal delivery to the person to be notified; or
             63          (ii) deposit in the United States mail with postage prepaid, addressed to the person at his
             64      address as shown by the records of the division.
             65          (b) The giving of notice by mail is complete upon the expiration of four days after the
             66      deposit of the notice.
             67          (c) Proof of the giving of notice in either manner may be made by the certificate of any
             68      officer or employee of the division or affidavit of any person older than 18 years of age, naming
             69      the person to whom the notice was given and specifying the time, place, and manner of giving the
             70      notice.
             71          (4) The division may use state mailing or United States Postal Service information to:
             72          (a) verify an address on an application or on records of the division; and
             73          (b) correct mailing addresses in the division's records.
             74          (5) A violation of the provisions of Subsection (1) is an infraction.

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