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First Substitute S.B. 98

Representative Carl W. Duckworth proposes to substitute the following bill:




Sponsor: Ron Allen

             5      This act modifies provisions relating to Counties to expand exceptions to the definition of
             6      subdivision for certain unmanned telecommunications and similar facilities.
             7      This act affects sections of Utah Code Annotated 1953 as follows:
             8      AMENDS:
             9          17-27-103, as last amended by Chapters 34 and 209, Laws of Utah 2000
             10      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             11          Section 1. Section 17-27-103 is amended to read:
             12           17-27-103. Definitions -- Notice.
             13          (1) As used in this chapter:
             14          (a) "Billboard" means a freestanding ground sign located on industrial, commercial, or
             15      residential property if the sign is designed or intended to direct attention to a business, product, or
             16      service that is not sold, offered, or existing on the property where the sign is located.
             17          (b) "Chief executive officer" means the county executive, or if the county has adopted an
             18      alternative form of government, the official who exercises the executive powers.
             19          (c) "Conditional use" means a land use that, because of its unique characteristics or
             20      potential impact on the county, surrounding neighbors, or adjacent land uses, may not be
             21      compatible in some areas or may be compatible only if certain conditions are required that mitigate
             22      or eliminate the detrimental impacts.
             23          (d) "Constitutional taking" has the meaning as defined in Section 63-34-13 .
             24          (e) "County" means the unincorporated area of the county.
             25          (f) "Elderly person" means a person who is 60 years old or older, who desires or needs to

             26      live with other elderly persons in a group setting, but who is capable of living independently.
             27          (g) "Gas corporation" has the same meaning as defined in Section 54-2-1 .
             28          (h) (i) "General plan" means a document that a county adopts that sets forth general
             29      guidelines for proposed future development of the land within the county, as set forth in Sections
             30      17-27-301 and 17-27-302 .
             31          (ii) "General plan" includes what is also commonly referred to as a "master plan."
             32          (i) "Interstate pipeline company" means a person or entity engaged in natural gas
             33      transportation subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission under the
             34      Natural Gas Act, 15 U.S.C. Sec. 717 et seq.
             35          (j) "Intrastate pipeline company" means a person or entity engaged in natural gas
             36      transportation that is not subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
             37      under the Natural Gas Act, 15 U.S.C. Sec. 717 et seq.
             38          (k) "Legislative body" means the county legislative body, or for a county that has adopted
             39      an alternative form of government, the body exercising legislative powers.
             40          (l) "Lot line adjustment" means the relocation of the property boundary line between two
             41      adjoining lots with the consent of the owners of record.
             42          (m) "Municipality" means a city or town.
             43          (n) "Nonconforming structure" means a structure that:
             44          (i) legally existed before its current zoning designation; and
             45          (ii) because of subsequent zoning changes, does not conform with the zoning regulation's
             46      setback, height restrictions, or other regulations that govern the structure.
             47          (o) "Nonconforming use" means a use of land that:
             48          (i) legally existed before its current zoning designation;
             49          (ii) has been maintained continuously since the time the zoning regulation governing the
             50      land changed; and
             51          (iii) because of subsequent zoning changes, does not conform with the zoning regulations
             52      that now govern the land.
             53          (p) "Official map" has the same meaning as provided in Section 72-5-401 .
             54          (q) "Person" means an individual, corporation, partnership, organization, association, trust,
             55      governmental agency, or any other legal entity.
             56          (r) "Plat" means a map or other graphical representation of lands being laid out and

             57      prepared in accordance with Section 17-27-804 .
             58          (s) "Record of survey map" means a map of a survey of land prepared in accordance with
             59      Section 17-23-17 .
             60          (t) (i) "Residential facility for elderly persons" means a single-family or multiple-family
             61      dwelling unit that meets the requirements of Part 5 and any ordinance adopted under authority of
             62      that part.
             63          (ii) "Residential facility for elderly persons" does not include a health care facility as
             64      defined by Section 26-21-2 .
             65          (u) "Special district" means all entities established under the authority of Title 17A,
             66      Special Districts, and any other governmental or quasi-governmental entity that is not a county,
             67      municipality, school district, or unit of the state.
             68          (v) "Street" means public rights-of-way, including highways, avenues, boulevards,
             69      parkways, roads, lanes, walks, alleys, viaducts, subways, tunnels, bridges, public easements, and
             70      other ways.
             71          (w) (i) "Subdivision" means any land that is divided, resubdivided or proposed to be
             72      divided into two or more lots, parcels, sites, units, plots, or other division of land for the purpose,
             73      whether immediate or future, for offer, sale, lease, or development either on the installment plan
             74      or upon any and all other plans, terms, and conditions.
             75          (ii) "Subdivision" includes the division or development of land whether by deed, metes
             76      and bounds description, devise and testacy, lease, map, plat, or other recorded instrument.
             77          (iii) "Subdivision" does not include:
             78          (A) a bona fide division or partition of agricultural land for agricultural purposes;
             79          (B) a recorded agreement between owners of adjoining properties adjusting their mutual
             80      boundary if:
             81          (I) no new lot is created; and
             82          (II) the adjustment does not result in a violation of applicable zoning ordinances;
             83          (C) a recorded document, executed by the owner of record, revising the legal description
             84      of more than one contiguous parcel of property into one legal description encompassing all such
             85      parcels of property; or
             86          (D) a bona fide division or partition of land in a county other than a first class county for
             87      the purpose of siting, on one or more of the resulting separate parcels[,]:

             88          (I) an unmanned facility appurtenant to a pipeline owned or operated by a gas corporation,
             89      interstate pipeline company, or intrastate pipeline company[.]; or
             90          (II) an unmanned telecommunications, microwave, fiber optic, electrical, or other utility
             91      service regeneration, transformation, retransmission, or amplification facility.
             92          (iv) The joining of a subdivided parcel of property to another parcel of property that has
             93      not been subdivided does not constitute a "subdivision" under this Subsection (1)(w) as to the
             94      unsubdivided parcel of property or subject the unsubdivided parcel to the county's subdivision
             95      ordinance.
             96          (x) "Unincorporated" means the area outside of the incorporated boundaries of cities and
             97      towns.
             98          (2) (a) A county meets the requirements of reasonable notice required by this chapter if
             99      it:
             100          (i) posts notice of the hearing or meeting in at least three public places within the
             101      jurisdiction and publishes notice of the hearing or meeting in a newspaper of general circulation
             102      in the jurisdiction, if one is available; or
             103          (ii) gives actual notice of the hearing or meeting.
             104          (b) A county legislative body may enact an ordinance establishing stricter notice
             105      requirements than those required by this Subsection (2).
             106          (c) (i) Proof that one of the two forms of notice authorized by this Subsection (2) was
             107      given is prima facie evidence that notice was properly given.
             108          (ii) If notice given under authority of this section is not challenged as provided in Section
             109      17-27-1001 within 30 days from the date of the meeting for which the notice was given, the notice
             110      is considered adequate and proper.

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