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        February 15, 2001

Mr. Speaker:

    The Public Utilities and Technology Committee reports a favorable recommendation on H.B. 149, MUNICIPAL CABLE TELEVISION AND PUBLIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES ACT, by Representative G. Curtis, with the following amendment:

1.    Page 7, Line 188:    After line 188 insert:
        "(4) For the time period beginning on the effective date of this chapter and ending on December 31, 2001, a municipality that operated a cable television service as of January 1, 2001 is exempt from Subsection 10-18-301(d)."


    John E. Swallow
    Committee Chair

Voting: 10-1-1
3 HB0149.HC1.wpd 2/15/01 6:19 pm lrussell/RCN PO/MCP

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