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        February 8, 2001

Mr. President:

    The Education Committee reports a favorable recommendation on S.B. 75, PUBLIC EDUCATION CURRICULUM AMENDMENTS, by Senator B. Wright, with the following amendments:
1.    Page 2, Line 30:    After " (ii) " insert " (A) "

2.    Page 2, Line 32:    After line 32 insert:
        " (B) Subsection (1)(b)(ii)(A) does not preclude an instructor from responding to a spontaneous question on a one-to-one basis with the student who raised the question or referring the student to a school counselor for a response as long as the response is consistent with the provisions of this section. "


        Bill Wright
        Committee Chair

Voting: 7-2-1
3 SB0075.SC1.wpd kallred/JWL JLW/JWL 2/8/01 5:15 pm

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