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2nd Sub. S.B. 81

House Floor Amendments

Amendment 1 February 28, 2001 9:13 am

Representative E. Anderson proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 13, Line 382:    Delete "to the department"

2.    Page 13, Line 383:    After "month" delete "." and insert
        "in accordance with rules established under Subsection (10)(d), and as follows:
        (i) $25% to the department; and
        (ii) $50 % to the Department of Community and Economic Development , to be used by the Utah Division of Indian Affairs as provided in Subsection (11) .

3.    Page 14, Line 400:    After Line 400 insert:
        "(11)(a) The portion of the fees imposed under Subsection (10) which is to be paid to the Department of Community and Economic Development for use by the Utah Division of Indian Affairs shall be used for establishment of a statewide community and economic development program for the tribes of American Indian people within the exterior boundaries of the state who have by tribal procedure established a position rejecting siting of any nuclear waste facility on their reservation lands.
        (b) The program under Subsection (10)(a) shall include:

        (i) educational services and facilities;
        (ii) health care services and facilities;
        (iii) programs of economic development;
        (iv) utilities;
        (v) sewer;
        (vi) street lighting;
        (vii) roads and other infrastructure; and
        (viii) oversight and staff support for the program.