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2nd Sub. S.B. 81

House Floor Amendments

Amendment 2 February 28, 2001 5:44 pm

Representative Lockhart proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 22, Line 650:    After Line 650 insert:
        "(9) (a) Any fee or payment imposed under this section does not apply to any Utah-based nonprofit trade association due to the membership in the organization of a member that is engaging in, or attempting to engage in, the placement of high-level nuclear waste or greater than class C radioactive waste at a storage facility or transfer facility within the state.
         (b) Subsection (9)(a) does not apply to a nonprofit trade association if that association takes any affirmative action to promote or assist any individual or organization in efforts to conduct any activity prohibited by this part.
         (c) A member of any Utah-based nonprofit trade association is not exempt from any fee or payment under this section due to membership in the association.