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H.B. 61 Enrolled





Sponsor: Jeff Alexander

                  This act repeals certain funds established in statute and directs the Division of Finance to
                  close out balances in those and other funds to the General Fund.
                  This act affects sections of Utah Code Annotated 1953 as follows:
                      35A-3-315, as enacted by Chapter 174, Laws of Utah 1997
                      53B-7-401, as enacted by Chapter 238, Laws of Utah 1991
                      53B-7-402, as enacted by Chapter 238, Laws of Utah 1991
                      53B-7-403, as enacted by Chapter 238, Laws of Utah 1991
                      65A-9-4, as last amended by Chapter 294, Laws of Utah 1994
                  This act enacts uncodified material.
                  Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
                      Section 1. Division of Finance to transfer fund balances.
                      By June 30, 2002, the Division of Finance shall transfer the remaining balance, if any, in
                  each of the following funds or accounts into the General Fund:
                      (1) the Tax General Obligation Computer System Bond Funds;
                      (2) the Hospital Provider Assessment Account;
                      (3) the Department of Workforce Services Reserve Account created in Section 35A-3-315 ;
                      (4) the Utah Capital Access Fund;
                      (5) the Utility and Energy Conservation Fund;
                      (6) the 1991 Drinking Water Project Fund;
                      (7) the Higher Education Endowment Matching Fund;
                      (8) the Noxious Weed Account; and
                      (9) the Old Deseret Centennial Fund.
                      Section 2. Repealer.
                      This act repeals:

                      Section 35A-3-315, Restricted account.
                      Section 53B-7-401, Purpose.
                      Section 53B-7-402, Higher Education Endowment Matching Fund.
                      Section 53B-7-403, Nonlapsing fund -- Duration and purpose of projects -- Annual
                      Section 65A-9-4, Fees.

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