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Sponsor: Sheryl L. Allen

                  This joint resolution of the Legislature honors Princess Aisha Bint Al Hussein, a Colonel in
                  the Jordanian Armed Forces, for her many personal accomplishments, and for her role in
                  supporting women's rights on behalf of the women of Jordan, and welcomes her to Utah.
                  Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
                      WHEREAS, Aisha Bint Al Hussein was born April 23, 1968, in Amman, Jordan, to King
                  Bint Al Hussein and Princess Muna Al Hussein, and is the sister of King Abdulla II;
                      WHEREAS, Aisha Bint Al Hussein was educated in Amman until the age of eight, then
                  received ten years of education in the United States;
                      WHEREAS, before her senior year in high school, Aisha Bint Al Hussein became the first
                  female in the Middle East to complete five military parachute jumps and receive her wings;
                      WHEREAS, after high school, Aisha Bint Al Hussein enrolled in the Royal Military
                  Academy, Sandhurst, in the United Kingdom, where she completed her officer's training course
                  in April 1987;
                      WHEREAS, Aisha Bint Al Hussein completed her education receiving her undergraduate
                  degree in Modern Middle East History and Politics from Pembroke College at Oxford University;
                      WHEREAS, in 1988, Colonel Aisha received her first medal for hanging under a helicopter
                  with members of the Special Forces during a fly-by at a military parade for His Majesty King
                      WHEREAS, in 1990, Aisha married Zeid Saadedine Juma in Amman, and they have two
                      WHEREAS, after graduation, Colonel Aisha worked with the Special Forces and graduated
                  from several parachute courses;
                      WHEREAS, from 1993-1994, Colonel Aisha was Founder-Researcher of the Office of Her
                  Royal Highness Princess Aisha, and in 1995, she became director of the Directorate of Women's

                  Affairs in the Jordanian Armed Forces;
                      WHEREAS, Colonel Aisha has also received the Star of Jordan Medal - Level 1, the Order
                  of Merit - Level 4, The Decoration of Independence - Levels 3 and 1, the Medal of Administrative
                  Competence, the Medal of Leadership Competence, and the King Hussein Medal for Excellence for
                  taking first place in M-16 marksmanship on the Royal Guard Protection Course;
                      WHEREAS, in 1999 Colonel Aisha received the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Precious
                  Crown from the Emperor of Japan;
                      WHEREAS, Colonel Aisha has always been interested in women's rights and has enjoyed
                  breaking new ground on behalf of women in Jordan;
                      WHEREAS, Colonel Aisha is always interested in supporting women in finding new roles
                  within Jordan and believes that with the right qualifications, women in Jordan are capable of holding
                  positions on all levels, whether in government, the private sector, or in the armed forces; and
                      WHEREAS, it is an honor for the state of Utah to have Colonel Aisha as a guest:
                      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah welcomes
                  Colonel Aisha Bint Al Hussein to Utah and honors her for her many personal accomplishments and
                  her efforts on behalf of the women of Jordan.
                      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature extends its best wishes to Colonel Aisha
                  and her family and hopes they enjoy their stay in Utah.
                      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be presented to Colonel Aisha
                  Bint Al Hussein.

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