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S.B. 145 Enrolled






Sponsor: Terry R. Spencer

                  This act modifies Outdoor Advertising provisions to require counties and municipalities to
                  accommodate a move of an outdoor advertising structure to comply with requirements
                  relating to distance from high voltage overhead lines. The act provides an effective date.
                  This act affects sections of Utah Code Annotated 1953 as follows:
                      72-7-516, Utah Code Annotated 1953
                  Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
                      Section 1. Section 72-7-516 is enacted to read:
                      72-7-516. Relocating outdoor advertising structure to maintain required distance
                  from high voltage overhead lines.
                      If an outdoor advertising structure needs to be moved so that the sign can be reposted or
                  maintenance performed without having to comply with the distance or notification requirements
                  of Section 54-8c-2 , or in order to comply with distance or notification requirements imposed by
                  the National Electrical Safety Code or any other similar applicable regulation promulgated by a
                  federal agency, then:
                      (1) the owner shall have the right to relocate the same or similar type structure to the
                  minimal number of feet necessary:
                      (a) on the same property; or
                      (b) if the same property is not available, on another property; and
                      (2) the county or municipality in which the outdoor advertising structure is located shall,
                  if necessary, accommodate the move by a special exception to its zoning ordinance.
                      Section 2. Effective date.
                      If approved by two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, this act takes effect
                  upon approval by the governor, or the day following the constitutional time limit of Utah

                  Constitution Article VII, Section 8, without the governor's signature, or in the case of a veto, the date
                  of veto override.

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