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S.B. 162 Enrolled







Sponsor: Leonard M. Blackham

                  This act modifies the State Officers and Employees code to require the director of the
                  Department of Human Resource Management to develop a procedure by which state
                  agencies will identify funded vacant positions, and report all funded employee positions in
                  each state agency that have been vacant for 180 consecutive days during the 18-month period
                  prior to July 1 of each year. The act also makes technical revisions.
                  This act affects sections of Utah Code Annotated 1953 as follows:
                      67-19-6, as last amended by Chapter 271, Laws of Utah 1999
                  Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
                      Section 1. Section 67-19-6 is amended to read:
                       67-19-6. Responsibilities of director.
                      (1) The director shall:
                      (a) develop, implement, and administer a statewide program of personnel management for
                  state employees that will:
                      (i) aid in the efficient execution of public policy;
                      (ii) foster careers in public service for qualified employees; and
                      (iii) render assistance to state agencies in performing their missions;
                      (b) perform those functions necessary to implement this chapter unless otherwise assigned
                  or prohibited;
                      (c) perform duties assigned by the governor or statute;
                      (d) adopt rules for personnel management according to the procedures of Title 63, Chapter
                  46a, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act;
                      (e) establish and maintain a management information system that will furnish the

                  governor, the Legislature, and agencies with current information on authorized positions, payroll,
                  and related matters concerning state personnel;
                      (f) in cooperation with other agencies, conduct research and planning activities to:
                      (i) determine and prepare for future state personnel needs;
                      (ii) develop methods for improving public personnel management; and
                      (iii) propose needed policy changes to the governor;
                      (g) study the character, causes, and extent of discrimination in state employment and develop
                  plans for its elimination through programs consistent with federal and state laws governing equal
                  employment opportunity and affirmative action in employment;
                      (h) when requested by counties, municipalities, and other political subdivisions of the state,
                  provide technical service and advice on personnel management at a charge determined by the
                      (i) establish compensation policies and procedures for early voluntary retirement;
                      (j) confer with the heads of other agencies about human resource policies and procedures;
                      (k) submit an annual report to the governor and the Legislature; and
                      (l) (i) develop a procedure by which each agency will:
                      (A) identify funded vacant positions; and
                      (B) report those funded vacant positions to the department;
                      (ii) identify all funded employee positions in each agency that have been vacant for more
                  than [90 days as of August 1] 180 consecutive days during the 18-month period prior to July 1 of
                  each year; and
                      [(ii)] (iii) by no later than September 1[,] of each year, provide a report of all funded
                  employee positions in each agency identified in [Subsection] Subsections (1)(l)(i) and (ii) to:
                      (A) the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget; and
                      (B) the Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst.
                      (2) (a) After consultation with the governor and the heads of other agencies, the director
                  shall establish and coordinate statewide training programs.
                      (b) The programs developed under this Subsection (2) shall have application to more than

- 2 -

                  one agency.
                      (c) The department may not establish training programs that train employees to perform
                  highly specialized or technical jobs and tasks.
                      (3) (a) (i) The department may collect fees for training as authorized by this Subsection (3).
                      (ii) Training funded from General Fund appropriations shall be treated as a separate program
                  within the department budget.
                      (iii) All money received from fees under this section will be accounted for by the department
                  as a separate user driven training program.
                      (iv) The user training program includes the costs of developing, procuring, and presenting
                  training and development programs, and other associated costs for these programs.
                      (b) (i) Funds remaining at the end of the fiscal year in the user training program are
                      (ii) Each year, as part of the appropriations process, the Legislature shall review the amount
                  of nonlapsing funds remaining at the end of the fiscal year and may, by statute, require the
                  department to lapse a portion of the funds.

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