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Sponsor: Howard A. Stephenson

                  This act is required by the Administrative Rulemaking Act. It reauthorizes all state agency
                  administrative rules except those enumerated. This act takes effect on May 1, 2002.
                  This act enacts uncodified material.
                  Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
                      Section 1. Rules reauthorized.
                      All rules of Utah state agencies are reauthorized except for the following:
                      (1) R501-12-6 (B)(2)(d), Human Services, Administration, Administrative Services,
                  Licensing, Foster Care Rules, Foster Parent Requirements;
                      (2) Dixie State College, Student Code of Conduct, Item 16;
                      (3) Snow College, Academic Catalog, Student Life, Firearms, Explosives, and Weapons;
                      (4) Southern Utah University, Student Handbook and Academic Planner, III. On Campus
                  Behavior, Item 4;
                      (5) University of Utah, Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, III. Student Standards
                  of Behavior, A. The Standards, Item 6;
                      (6) Utah State University, Housing and Food Services, Contract - Terms and Conditions
                  of Occupancy, Contract Year, XI. Student Responsibilities, Item C(1);
                      (7) Utah Valley State College, Policies and Procedures, Student Services, Student Rights
                  and Responsibilities Code, VI. General Responsibilities, Item E;
                      (8) Weber State University, Policy and Procedures Manual, Prohibition of Weapons on
                  Campus, Policy, Item A; and
                      (9) Weber State University, Policy and Procedures Manual, Security at Weber State
                  University Hearings, II. Policy, Item E.
                      Section 2. Effective date.
                      This act takes effect on May 1, 2002.


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