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First Substitute S.J.R. 4

Senator Carlene M. Walker proposes the following substitute bill:





Sponsor: Carlene M. Walker

             6      This joint resolution of the Legislature proposes to amend the Utah Constitution to allow
             7      counties sharing a common boundary to make a minor adjustment to the boundary. This
             8      joint resolution also modifies the class of those who are required to vote for a county
             9      annexation that is not a minor boundary adjustment. The joint resolution modifies the vote
             10      required to approve a county annexation that is not a minor boundary adjustment. The
             11      joint resolution directs the lieutenant governor to submit the proposal to voters, makes
             12      technical changes, and provides an effective date.
             13      This resolution proposes to change the Utah Constitution as follows:
             14      AMENDS:
             15          ARTICLE XI, SECTION 3
             16      Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah, two-thirds of all members elected to each of
             17      the two houses voting in favor thereof:
             18          Section 1. It is proposed to amend Utah Constitution Article XI, Section 3, to read:
             19           Article XI, Section 3. [Changing county lines.]
             20          [No] (1) Except as provided in Subsection (2), no territory [shall] may be stricken from
             21      any county unless a majority of the voters living in [such territory] that county who vote on the
             22      proposition, as well as a majority of the voters living in the county to which it is to be annexed
             23      who vote on the proposition, shall vote therefor, and then only under such conditions as may be
             24      prescribed by general law.
             25          (2) Counties sharing a common boundary may, through their county legislative bodies,

             26      make a minor adjustment, as defined by statute, to the common boundary.
             27          Section 2. Submittal to voters.
             28          The lieutenant governor is directed to submit this proposed amendment to the voters of the
             29      state at the next regular general election in the manner provided by law.
             30          Section 3. Effective date.
             31          If the amendment proposed by this joint resolution is approved by a majority of those
             32      voting on it at the next regular general election, the amendment shall take effect on January 1,
             33      2003.

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